6 Signs of Water and Flood Damage on Floors and Basement

When you discover your basement flooded with water from the heavy rains, you will immediately fall into a panic state. You would want to save your belonging, call your insurance agent, and get your family or loves ones away from the house — or worse, your emotions have become frenzy that you cannot do any action at all. While providing necessary interventions is necessary and oftentimes easy upon discovering the water in the basement, how does one can think of a solution and do water damage restoration when the water itself is not visible to the eyes?

If you have experienced heavy rains in the past days or a plumbing problem that has been solved, it is important to check your house for a water damage that might be invisible to the eyes. Here, we will share with you some telltale signs of water damage that you need to be aware of:

1.Uneven floors – try checking your floor of any signs of unevenness and sloping. If you see some bubbles impurities in the flooring or notice your floor getting more and more separated from the wall, it is probably because you have water damage. Call immediately a professional service to help you with the repair and restoration.

2. Compromised foundation – when you have issues with your foundation, it is critical to act as immediately as possible. Your home is able to withstand changing weather conditions as well as storms, hurricanes, and floods only if it has a good and sturdy foundation. Otherwise, it becomes susceptible to damages and breakage when exposed to those natural phenomena. When your foundation is damp due to the water damage, it begins to swell up and crack, as well as develop molds and mildew. When this happens, the foundation becomes weaker and weaker. Act as immediately as you can.

3.Crooked windows and doors – when a door or a window cannot be opened with a minimum effort like before, it can be because of the shifted underground blocks caused by a water damage.

4.Cracked moldings – another thing you need to take note of is a cracked molding. When you see some cracks and/or displaced moldings, repair the house immediately.

5.Wall cracks, bowing, and molds on walls – when you notice bowed and separated ceiling as well as split paneling, large cracks, peeling wallpaper, there is a need to take action as these are signs of water damage. This is already a big problem as these signs indicate that the water has already penetrated deep into your home. However, panicking does not help. Call a professional company to help you solve the problem.

6. Breakages on the foundation blocks – when the exterior blocks have some cracks, this might mean that the water caused some pressure. And if the cracks are already an inch wide, it imposes a serious structural problem. Contact a professional service immediately.

Those are the six telltale signs of water damage that could pose a serious threat to your house and safety. Even if you are not seeing any signs of water, so long as you notice the signs we provided here, it is important to take action as immediately as possible.